Learning Curves

Being a stay-at-home mom is no joke, and the more I am here, the more I learn.

Each of my children are unique. Boogie needs a lot of hand-over-hand assistance, needs everything in certain order, and needs to know what comes next. This can be exhausting but it’s who he is. Brother on the other hand is extremely easy going, you tend to know what he needs, and is accepting of changes in our routine.

As a mom you have to be both for the children while maintaining your identity, it’s exhausting. I need structure and to know what’s coming in my day but I’m not incapable of accepting a routine change. Cooking, cleaning, and appointments just seem to happen through the day, but it’s my responsibility to make it happen – easy enough since I’m always the manager of my home.

What I’ve realized today is that the first hour of my day is tending to cries. Baby cries for milk, dogs cry for food and Boogie is crying because he’s not a morning person! After that hour I have to find ways to keep us all entertained until nap time… but that hour is only as bad as I let it get to me.

I’m sure we all have an hour every day where it feels like everyone is crying at us. It’s how we handle that hour that says a lot about our character!

Keep calm and Corona on!

Xo, Chelsea

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