COVID-19 Mental Health

Hi All! I took a break because I was told I’m adding too much personal information to a public site.  I use my blog to share stories and be real with myself.

Onto more relevant conversation.  I won’t go into details about the actual COVID-19, I’m sure you have access to actual reporters.  I want to share with where I’m at and how I’m combating it because maybe, just MAYBE, you’ll be able to help yourself! Here are my current issues: heightened anxiety, irritability, and exhaustion.  Let’s talk about how I’m helping myself through it.

As of Jan 4, I became a stay-at-home mom.  It was wonderful being truly involved with the children and not worrying about vacation time.  Because we are not able to see many people or enjoy the trips we had originally been taking, everyone has become a little punchy – especially me!

My doctors asked how I was in a phone appointment yesterday and when I shared my concerns, they decided to change around my medication.  This is great for my anxiety but the medication is playing on my ability to react so I have had to give myself grace for the foggy brain I’m in.

I highly recommend going outside.  I found that I was happier earlier in the week when the boys and I were able to spend ample time outside rather than be cooped up dealing with our frustrations.  It has also helped Brother want to be outside more often so we were able to truly be in our own space.

Finally, grace and art.  I’ve had to give myself grace because the expectations I have are way too high.  I will not always cook dinner, my home will likely always have one room that is a mess, and the TV may be on some days more then others. Art has helped the boys and I express ourselves, and added fun for all who drive by! We currently have our windows painted in honor of Easter.

If you find yourself struggling to get out of bed, offer yourself grace.  If you find yourself anxious, over yourself grace.  If you find yourself rushing around and afraid, offer yourself grace.  These are scary times we are in, and we need to slow down and smell the tulips.

Xo, Chelsea

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