Yellow Week

As a stay-at-home mom, I want to ensure the boys are learning important Pre-K knowledge so they do not enter school completely unequipped. Pinterest has been my friend, but reality has been my mentor.

One of the reasons I quit my job was for the boys. I knew we were in the process of testing Boogie for autism, and that either way our son was going to need more help then he was getting. This was a difficult decision to make, but I was sure that being in a one-on-two setting would be much better for his development. Thankfully I’ve been quite right about this, but I had a lot to learn first.

I’ve essentially created lesson plans for him, this helps me have some guidance for our structured AM time. As a Capricorn (and as ME!) I thrive on order and plans so this has been crucial. I was able to learn that we needed a space away from the electronics that will allow the boys to be influenced by my plans. Because of this, I turned our “random spare room” into our play/learning room. My biggest, but yet easiest, learning curve has been allowing things to just HAPPEN.

Our week was extremely hectic with an appointment almost every day. This stopped us from having delegated learning time, so I had to learn how to adapt while still teaching Boogie all about the color yellow. It wasn’t always a full “teaching moment” but by the end of the week Boogie could quickly tell me that eggs, bananas and the sun were YELLOW! I was quite proud of him, heck I’m really proud of him still!

Boogie was not diagnosed with autism. I’m thankful for this, but he was diagnosed with auditory processing and sensory processing disorders. These cause delays and tantrums that have been difficult for me to deal with some days. But I have learned to adapt and find ways to ease his anxiety.

These boys have taught me so much in the past three weeks, I hope I am able to share some of my experiences and teachable moments with you frequently.



What was your favorite craft to partake in?

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