Woman With A Lot of Dreams

We celebrated my tiny ham today, and it was fabulous! Our group did not include enough to rent a hall or worry about space in our spacious home, but it was filled with many loving family or friends that are like family. It was everything we needed.

I have had some failed dreams, but one continues to plague me. I think I would excel being an event planner. It’s not an easy profession to get in to without being in an established firm. No matter the attempts I’ve made, no one is ever hiring and interning would be difficult since the kids need daycare. But also being home with my boys has truly fulfilled a need in me!

I realize that this passion of mine is a talent I can only share with those I know; and God spoke to me at church today. I heard the preacher when he said that I can share my talent with the Church and I should!

What are talents you have that you could/should share with your church or those around you? Is there something you are holding only because of a fear of rejection? Share it. Sing it. Believe in you, because I do.

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