My birthday holds less and less significance the older I get, many of you likely understand the feeling. Now that Brother is here I feel the birthday celebration means even less! Tomorrow is another day where I’m able to celebrate my existence being made reality, though.

Today was hectic and exhausting, I’m not planning to bore you with the details. I escaped the house and had “me time” for the first time in the longest. Quiet pedicure time followed by perusing Targets “dollar” section filled my soul as I prayed, sang Christian music, and smiled.

Calling home mid trip to ensure life was still rolling on our farmette – Captain says there were many things he wished to get me for my birthday etc. I could not fathom what he would want to get! I tell him this as well. His frustration was there but my request was simple: I want to ENJOY my day. That’s it.

The plan:

  1. Sleeping in for ME
  2. Massage at 2
  3. Axe throwing with my best friend and our husbands at 3:30
  4. Dinner and MAYBE a movie.

I wrote last year about the true displeasure I find with my birthdays – it’s to the point where the TRAUMA of bad birthdays = anxiety attacks and grouchiness. Realizing this today, I was able to shift my focus to the positive design of our plans. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but this may be the first year in 10 years that I truly enjoy my birthday!!!

For those that dread birthdays because the number keeps rising or the idea that they’re not exciting anymore: just remember that only we can choose how we feel, if you don’t like how you’re feeling – CHANGE IT! Birthdays are important because YOU are important.

Xo, Chels

2 thoughts on “January

  1. Great message – if you don’t like something, change it! Love that! You write beautifully.

    I hope you relax and enjoy your day, Chelsea! At the end of the day Enjoy hugs and kisses from those beautiful children! You are truly blessed.

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