I am not ashamed

Our two year old has a huge love for Moana. He has watched it more times then I could ever find enjoyable. This love is totally normal for a toddler, but there are gender roles many people would fight about.

Moana is a strong female lead who is able to defeat a lava monster thanks to defying her parents and guilting a male Demi-god. It seems more of a female empowerment movie then for a male toddler. But the singing makes him so happy and that is all I can ask for.

Today I even went as far as to get him a Moana Barbie doll. He adorably led it around the mall while we dragged him from store to store. Occasionally I feared judgement from unknowing passers by. Until I realized that I am just encouraging my son to lead his own path. Can I get an Amen?!

Now I’m going to make my children enjoy a man in a red suit, bear the cold so they can see some twinkling lights, while their father finishes his hunters safety course and I shove a camera in their face. I think that’s enough stereotypes for tonight 😉

Xo, Chelsea

Ps praying you have a beautiful holiday season!

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