Be a Helping Heart

As an overly emotional person already, a lack of sleep yesterday had me in emotional overdrive, much to the chagrin for my coworkers. But one thing fueled my fire: organizing and executing the office food drive.

In just three weeks time I was able to obtain 8 turkeys and several boxes full of non perishable items! This equates to 296 pounds of food donated to our local food pantry. I have a constant desire to help those who need it, so in our home we are always giving back.

I pray that you’re able to help others in small or big ways. If you need some ideas check out the list below, or if you have better ones feel free to share! If you do mission trips, please reach out as I would love to be involved with one!

  1. Food drives (duh!)
  2. Volunteer – United Way is a great place to start!
  3. Tip the bill – wait staff rarely make much!
  4. Donate clothes – in our area we even have several foster care groups that take in clothes to help needy children
  5. Buy from a small business or scout troop
  6. Toys!! Many toy drives are happening
  7. Toiletry donations – something a lot of people lack are toiletries!
  8. Non Profit – get involved!!!!

This list is not exhaustive, there are so many ways to help others. Even if it’s holding a door, or smiling at a child, you’re being a helpful heart.

Have a blessed and relaxed Saturday! XO


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