Paint a Little

I tried a new parenting style tonight. I was frustrated with Boogie hitting and pushing a friend, the constant sass, and just his toddler tude. Then Brother was screaming and needing attention while laundry and dinner loomed over my head…

Moana was finished and I wasn’t about to have it on for the umpteenth time this week… so I broke out the paint, threw off their shirts and said have at it! It lasted a whole 10 minutes before Brother stuck his whole hand in his mouth (it was non toxic!) and Boogie started to want sole attention.

This was hysterical to me, however! Brother got a sink bath, boogie and I continued to paint, then went off to clean up his silly self. My sensory issue child let loose and got MESSY! He got me messy! Yay!! I wish I had a picture

Boogie was quickly done with the mess… so surprising! Ha! So we went to his tub and had a blast!!! He painted the tub with bath paint, learned he can pee in the tub and I just watch in amazement… then came hair and Paisley (our new pup) I was able to make a fun game of his hair being washed so he actually helped. Paisley was a bit more of a fight but when he realized she could be in the tub too and get soap, it was all fun.

Jist of my story? Let loose, laugh with your kids, and remember that they’ll only be so young for a little while. I pray boogie can tuck away these happy feelings for sweet memories when he’s older, and remember that we tried to be good parents.

Bonus funny story: Boogie has learned to undo his diaper. Last night I asked if he was pooping in the corner (diapered up!) and he told me yes. It was mid dinner for Capt and I so it ended up slipping my mind for about 20 minutes – until he brought me an empty diaper with stains in it. I feared where I might find his poo… a small search led me to my phone. Being covered in poo! I was mortified but tried not to laugh because I do NOT need a repeat offense!

Xo, Chelsea

Praying for you all, have a fabulous week!

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