Baby Dreams

Hey guys! I’m stressed! Please hold your applause for the “new information.” But this stress has reached its peak and caused an ulcer in my stomach which is extremely painful.

Through the mountains of stress I still have a desire for more. Really more for one thing – a daughter.

Why do I crave more? I am so blessed to have the handsome boys I do… but why do I feel a little baby girl will bring our family closure? Should I not be happy with what I’ve been blessed with?

I see people mistreating their children, casting them aside, or offering them for adoption. I want to take one, no questions asked, and raise her as a princess among the mini men we are creating! Heck I’ll take all the babies!!!

Captain and I have enough to work on, a baby should be the last of my worries. But lately… it has been the first.

I pray you’re desires are met on God’s time, and that you can find comfort in his words. Just as I am trying to do.

Xo, Chels

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