Birthday Poem

We laugh, We cry, and

Sing the boys, A lullaby.

You work, you play,

And you always pray.

If you would ask another soul

They may say you’re a little cold.

You save your best for those you love –

Football, family and God above.

You are smart, kind

And never mind

To be in prayer

With those who care.

Birthdays can be an emotional day,

They remind us of the price we pay.

I will never stop trying to please you

Even when you say I already do.

For the man I married,

Words can never seem to carry

The truth of my love for you.

Happy birthday, Ryan, boo.

Writing has been hard lately, as we deal with some family drama. But yesterday was Ryan’s birthday and I felt the need to create a poem for him!

By no means is it award winning, maybe it’s not even worth publishing… but I know he loves when I write for him so I gave it a try.

The kids were all great while we ran errands, went to a giant craft fair, and had supper out with the Wickeds and nanny. Then we let him win in Parcheesi and came home so he could game with his friend. If you ask me, THAT was a great birthday.

Xo, Chelsea

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