Lay It Out

As you know, I share most of our family life with you all.  I do this so you do not feel alone in your trek through life, but also to help share the story of WHY I am the way I am.  Family has requested I stay silent until I am sure of the outcome regarding today’s blog, but my heart has been saying that it is time to speak the truth.

CYS had to open investigation against me.  This is strictly against me, not Captain or Gamer.  Details are:

  1. This began Sept 23rd. I had been at acupuncture when she showed up and explained the situation to Captain and took pictures of my children.
  2. The claims are: not meeting the basic needs of the children and mental health concerns.
  3. We do not know who did it or why, we only have one real idea but it cannot be solidified.
  4. While it was shocking, I KNEW the charges would be dropped. I’m a good mom. I get treatment. I’m doing well and present myself well.
  5. We did not hear from her for about four weeks. Finally I had a meeting with her and she claims that as long as I am in treatment the case will quickly close.
  6. She smiled and said that our children clearly want  for nothing and are in no danger.

Presenting this information is NOT to receive pity, prayers, or arguments, merely share the fact that our life continues to have mini explosions. You are not alone in the fights you may have, you never will be.

I’m not hiding my life. I refuse to. Why? Because I have been so concerned with how others feel about me that I have fallen into deep depression.  No real surprise that I am a people pleaser – just surprising I let it get this far.  I share on Facebook and my blog because I have family that does not or cannot call.  I don’t have time to regale every family member living 500+ miles away what happened today with the boys. Again – I am a good mom, I have nothing to fear (in my opinion).

Satan and his minions are constantly after us, seeing what issues will cause us to fall into his grasp and push away God’s love.  It does not have to be this way.  Turn TO God. Cry for Him and He will hear you and hold you close to His heart.  I did this, and allowed my attitude to quickly change because I knew He was on our side, but mostly on our boys’ side.

Dear Lord – We come to You knowing we are not perfect.  We know that You are aware of these faults, but You ask us to work on them every day.  Please help us, Lord, to push away Satan and those demons.  Please guide us through this messy life we hold so dear.  Please bring peace when we need it most.  Amen.

XO, Chelsea

Cutest baby goes to… Baby Fat Fat!

Please know this is Boogies attempt at a smile!

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