Disney Here I Come!

The opportunity of my life has presented it and I am READY! I have a created an entire Disney wardrobe, I’ve scheduled a makeover for Sunday (10/5) to become Jasmine, and I’ve pampered myself plenty. This trip is extra special because Captain is staying home with the boys and I’ll be trapeezing around Orlando with my grandparents, niece, and parents!

Pray for my extended family – this is their first time spending a full week with me in about 4-5 years!!

I feel terribly guilty for leaving all my boys home BUT Captain does not have the vacation and the boys are too young to appreciate the experience. To help ease my conscience, I deep cleansed my home all day then treated Capt to a movie and delicious dinner date. The plans were very loose for tonight, but it’s been wonderful to be peacefully together.

I have angst over leaving my boys and man, over the size of the crowd in Disney, and being essentially a fifth wheel. I feel guilty for leaving my family, wonderful work family, and my animals. I won’t lie, though, over my true excitement and gratitude about this vacation! I am a Disney freak and this is rewarding to say the least.

I am attempting to make it up to Captain, by booking a five night cruise! It’s scheduled for February, and it will be a fun experience. We have cruised before but I am hoping for better weather, so I don’t get sea sick.

Now, here I sit, enjoying quiet while eating with Captain. We are at a restaurant but feel completely comfortable in the silence. I hope he knows how much I appreciate him and the work he’s put into our relationship recently, it’s really begun to show.

Xo, until next week! Chelsea

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