Vegan Fest Gone Wrong

Our Saturday was supposed to be based on chores and maybe a trip to the park. Friday I saw a flag stating our favorite playground would host a “Harvest VegFest” the following day.

How fun! Right?! Sounds like local farmers coming together to sell their fresh produce to me. Only … wrong. When we arrived Saturday, starving and ready for some fun, Captain immediately started questioning the decision to attend. I was sure to quiet him, “I’m sure that is just a coincidence, there has to be better options down the way.”

We walked for around 40 minutes. I was wrong, so so wrong and starving. We did try a buffalo wing made with seitian??, and a Malaysian dish with chick peas. Both dishes tasted great but were extremely spicy. My stomach quickly began to turn, surely no thanks to a beating sun.

We ended up heading home, all of us exhausted and still hungry. I stopped for Dairy Queen since they have food AND ice cream. We returned home satiated and heat exhausted.

I ended up mentally exhausted after a fun photo session, loving on Blakey and our wonderful photographer. I’m finding myself only eating one meal a day, down 4 lbs in a week. I’m struggling to find some happiness but I’m faking it ok. I have a big trip to Disney coming and I cannot allow it to continue.

Praying for you all.

Xo Chelsea

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