Brought To You…

… by Captain Morgan!

Tonight has been so wonderful! For his anniversary gift, ya know, the one we said we WEREN’T getting gifts for! *insert eye roll* I got us a pair of tickets to a wolf full moon exhibit. This treasured moment was to see a plethora of wolves and potentially hear them howl. While it was beautiful and Capt was tickled pink, the ride home is what sealed my night.

Captain began to read my absolute favorite trilogy: Dark Souls. He is on the first book, where Diana (witch) is out with Yeasbeau (vampire) watching her hunt, in an attempt to fear Diana from falling for Matthew (vampire). Captain asked me what a side saddle on a horse was. I was shocked, and responded with how women used to ride horses with both legs on one side of the horse. Capt thought it was a basket, like a side car for the horse!!! He’s too much.

Here are some wolves we were able to see tonight!

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